Sectors of Intervention

A strong expertise in the great professions of our clients

Proudly assisting its clients for over 20 years, FBH Associés bases itself on the excellence of its consultants to accompany its clients through their stakes of transformation.

FBH Associés intervenes among Groups, companies and public institutions belonging…

…principally/primarily to the following sectors:

  • Corporate and investment banks;
  • Retail banks;
  • Assurances;
  • Industries;

…notably amongst the following departments:

  • General direction and administration;
  • Finance Department;
  • Accounting Department;
  • Contracting authority Department;
  • Risk Department;
  • Information System Department;
  • Commercial and marketing department;
  • Human resources Department;
  • Maintenance and Intervention Department;
  • Communication Department;
  • Organization Department.