Constantly actualized operational knowledge

FBH Associés’ consultants, by their studies/training and experience, have acquired knowledge in an ensemble of technical, judicial, financial organizational spectrums that enable them to understand rapidly the questions asked by their clients.

We can cite as an example the following areas of knowledge:

Specific to “Bank & Finance” as in:

  • Titles;
  • Credit derivatives (by-products);
  • Structured finance;
  • Referentials (market data, tiers);
  • Collateral management;
  • Risk management;
  • Regulatory risks (Bâle III, Solvency II…);
  • Conformity compliance;
  • ALM (active-passive management);
  • Property loans – consumer credit; etc.

Specific to “Information System” as in:

  • Functional architecture;
  • Cartographies;
  • Data referentials; etc.

In common between the different structures, as in:

  • The digital;
  • ABC costing;
  • ALM – management control;
  • Labor/Social Law;
  • Organizational sociology; etc.