We develop with our competence the experience of our clients


Strategic Guidance:

  • Redefinition of the networking of a company offering services
  • Creation of a Retail Bank (positioning, SI, organization, communication)
  • Reorganization and optimization of the process and procedures pertaining to a public institution’s Department responsible for balance sheet management (ALM)
  • Definition of a big French financial group’s business plan (activity review and benchmark of the best practices, identification of development opportunities, recommendations of target organization with prioritization of actions, definition of a strategic ‘plan for change’)
  • Putting into place a university-business in a context of fusion between financial institutions/establishments and accompanying throughout the defining process of the new corporate culture.

Operational Guidance:

  • Organizational audit and modelling of an accountant service and it’s information system
  • Standardizing processes and RH documentations
  • Elaboration of common management practices for a Group’s body of establishments
  • Diagnostic of functional architecture, risk analysis and scenarios suggestions
  • Review of the operational device responsible for risk management and permanent control
  • Complete analysis and diagnostic of an internal model of a financial establishment for the calculation of its capital under/in respect of market risk
  • Accompaniment of companies through their digital transformation
  • Review and validation of performance attribution methods (GIPS Norms)

Project Management:

  • Adaptation of profession processes for the taking into account//consideration of regulatory requirements
  • Implementation of a performant device responsible for monitoring projects (KPI, putting into place adapted procedures)
  • Piloting and coordinating SI optimization projects (architecture, changing versions, migration, uncommissionment)
  • Optimization of the financial piloting process and accompaniment in the choice of an ALM progiciel
  • Improvement of the device responsible for monitoring credit and market risks
  • Implementation and governing of an MOA service center
  • Improvement of the collegiality of decisions in an executive comity
  • Piloting of the deployment of a new international consumer credit solution


  • At the heart of a bank’s DSI, implementing a service center responsible for evolving and corrective maintenance as well as 2nd level functional support of applications tied to securitization operations, debt repackaging, loans/bonds/loan T
  • Assistance in the conception of ‘redesign/update/revision of SI ALM’ projects and supply of financial pivot of a public financial institution
  • Taking charge of the ‘takings’ phase in the context of an front-Back applicative implementation for an consumer credit offer
  • In the context of a project concerning the creation of a sole SI for the ensemble of subsidiaries of a financial organism, assistance in the migration of data towards the target “computer” community and accompaniment in change
  • Compliance and industrialization of the calculation of the own-fund requirements under/in respect of counterparty risk, etc.
  • Assistance in the implementation of a management of “conduits” application


  • Au sein de la DSI d’une banque d’investissement, mise en place d’un centre de service chargé de la maintenance évolutive et corrective, et du support fonctionnel de 2nd niveau des applications liées aux opérations de titrisation, repackaging de dettes, loans/Bonds / Loan T
  • Assistance dans la conception de projets  de refonte de SI ALM et fourniture de pivot financier d’une institution financière publique
  • Prise en charge de la phase de recette dans le cadre de la mise en place de l’applicatif front-Back pour une offre de crédit à la consommation
  • Dans le cadre d’un projet de création d’un SI unique pour l’ensemble des filiales d’un organisme financier, assistance dans la migration des données vers la communauté informatique cible et accompagnement au changement,
  • Mise en conformité et industrialisation du calcul de l’exigence en fonds propres au titre des risques de contrepartie, etc.
  • Assistance dans l’implémentation d’une application de gestion des conduits