In 1992, having been personally solicited for a mission concerning a public establishment, Frédéric BOURY and Denis GRANDJEAN decided to create FBH Associés. Both had been noticed for their expertise in the course of contracts passed for their previous employers.

During this mission, the two founders discovered the key development factors of the firm to which they still refer to, along with their associates, in order to insure constant growth.

A client, regardless the notoriety of the providers he selects, expects excellence from every consultant. Throughout the years, FBH Associés has therefore been especially rigorous in terms of its recruitment process and the correct attribution of missions, as well as its training program derived from the experiences its consultants acquired in the course of their activities.

The consulting firm’s standard for excellence also requires a certain development regarding the professions and involved particulars among which FBH Associés has demonstrated its competence. The company has also always avoided hazardous diversifications. It has tackled (with progressive mastery) high expertise activities that, by their quality and complementarity, insure the performance of the company’s main functions. Thus, when FBH Associés invests itself in new sectors of intervention and in other professions, it is because it has acquired the conviction that it could be one of the leaders of their accompaniment.

FBH Associés’ successive intervention methods have been chosen with discernment: the company had first wished to accompany its clients in “co-execution” (MOA/AMOA) of their activities to propose, secondly, to intervene “as an adviser” (strategically and operationally) in these same activities: “do” and “know how to do” before suggesting “what could be done”.

Finally, ever since its creation FBH Associés is perfectly conscious of the link between its own development and the level of activity of its clients. The company has therefore put into place an assemblage of indicators that permits it to apprehend the economic reality of its markets, so as to anticipate the necessary alignments of its profiles (number of consultants, attribution of the missions at hand, training and experience) to the demands of this reality. Therefore, FBH Associès has known how to adapt to the consequences of the recent crisis and remain and independent firm, flexible and reactive to the opportunities and constraints of the economic situation.